Rice 2017 Data Science Conference


October 9 & 10, 2017

brought to you by
Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology
Rice University

Venue: BioScience Research Collaborative Building
6500 Main Street
Houston, TX  77005


  • Genevera Allen, Associate Professor, Statistics, Rice University Interactive and Dynamic Visualization for Clustering
  • *NEW* Eric Berger, Editor, Space City Weather What Did the Public Really Know About Harvey, and How Can We Better Inform Them?
  • Ronald DeVore, The Walter E. Koss Professor and Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Texas A&M University Optimal Data Assimilation Algorithms
  • Niall Gaffney, Director of Data Intensive Computing, Texas Advanced Computing  Center, University of Texas at Austin Wrangling Data at Texas Advanced Computing Center
  • Justin Gosses & Yulan Lin, NASA Practical Considerations for Data Science Consulting and Innovation in a Large Organization
  • Adam Klivans, Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Texas at Austin Learning Discrete Markov Random Fields with Optimal Runtime and Sample Complexity
  • Wes McKinney, Engineer, Two Sigma (author of the “pandas” python data analysis library) Shared Infrastructure for Data Science
  • Rick Stevens, Associate Laboratory Director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences, Argonne National Laboratory Integrating Simulation, Data Analysis and Deep Learning in Science and Engineering Applications
  • Devika Subramanian, Professor, Computer Science, Rice University Using big data and machine learning to build spatially fine-grained prediction models of wind and flood damage risk

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